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LSC Clarity LX600 Lighting Console Hire



The LX console is the World’s first true MultiMedia console, allowing seamless integrated control of conventional, LED and moving lights, media servers, and even audio playback from a single device.

Designed with over 30 years of experience by LSC Lighting Systems, it provides an ergonomic work surface with powerful software, placing emphasis on quick and logical workflow to allow the operator to acheive more, in less time.

Features like Smart Fixture Cloning, Copy/Paste & Freesets can save 2-3 hours of programming per gig, allowing more time for creativity whilst reducing costs.

Clarity LX – The future of lighting control.

The LX consoles are available in 3 models. The Flagship LX900 comes with 2 banks of 15 motorised playbacks, 10 touchscreens, tilting top panel, dual colour backlit control surface, and can control 16,384 DMX slots. The mid range LX600 has the same features set, with 1 bank of 15 motorised playbacks, 9 touchscreens, and control of 8,192 DMX slots. The LX300 is the smallest console in the range, yet still includes the same backlit control surface, 15 playbacks, 11 mini touchs screens and control of 4,096 DMX slots.

All the LX consoles run v2 of the renowned Clarity lighting control software. Developed by OpenClear over a period of 6 years, it provides an easy to learn interface with an impressive feature set, designed to reduce repetitive tasks and allow for very fast programming of complex shows. The Clarity software has been sold as a standalone product for Windows and Mac computers for over 3 years and during that time has proven it is show safe on thousands of shows, from small fashion parades right through to large festival rigs with hundreds of moving lights, LED’s, Media Servers and conventionals.

Ergonomics were a major design consideration with the LX consoles. Specialist Industrial Designers with extensive HMI (human machine interface) experience were bought in by LSC to create the control surface. The relative height, size, spacing and even the shape of the keys, encoders and faders were optimised to allow free movement around the control surface and to minimise fatigure during all night programming sessions.

LX Console Features

  • Dual Colour backlit buttons with dimming control
  • Integrated soft touch contoured wrist rest
  • 4 soft touch rotary encoders with push function
  • 10 encoder modifier buttons
  • Command Centre with 3.2″ LCD touchscreen and 8 tactile buttons
  • Full numeric keypad with large 19.5mm buttons for faster data entry
  • Dedicated Intensity Wheel with adjustable sensitivity and inertia
  • 24 user assignable function buttons
  • FaderIdent for instant recognisition of fader configuration
  • Fast startup time
  • Drag and Drop Patching
  • Carallon fixture library with over 7,500 different templates
  • Cloning (fixture translation) with real world parameters
  • DMX, RDM and Art-Net support
  • Rig View for fixture selection and 2D simulation
  • Universal, Direct (IFCB) and Graphical programming options
  • Individual Timing per parameter
  • Dynamics engine with crossfading
  • Palettes, Presets and Freesets
  • Copy and Paste with real world parameter translation
  • Media Server Integration with thumbnail exchange (currently supports Arkaos, Catalyst, Pandora’s Box, Hippotiser, Mbox Extreme & Robe Digispots)
  • LED Pixel mapping of images and videos
  • Full colour LCD labelling of all playbacks
  • Up to 1,485 simultaneous active playbacks
  • Proven Clarity software with over 3 years of ‘testing’ in real shows.
  • Meets CE and Ctick requirements.
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia by Australian Owned companies.
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