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Light Emotion LX50 Moving Spot Hire



Light Emotion LX50 Spot

The LX50 Spot uses a 50w white LED light source to shaft out brilliant bursts of light, shaped by its 7 rotating gobos and 8-colour wheel. A 3 facet prism splits the beam for impressive effects – with or without smoke or haze. With a new reduced weight of 5.7kg, the LX50 is portable and compact, while producing light output equivalent to a 150w discharge lamp.

* Power consumption: 84W
* Light Source: 50w white LED
* Control: DMX 13 channels, stand alone, master / slave
* Display: LED
* Brightness: 18,500 Lux @ 1m
* Colours: 8 colours + white, split colours, rainbow effect
* Gobos: 7 static gobos + open, rainbow gobo effect and gobo shake
* Shutter: 0-20Hz
* Dimmer: Electronic variable 0-100%
* Pan: 540/360/180 degree (selectable from menu)
* Tilt: 270/180/90 degree (selectable from menu)
* Effect Wheel: 3-facet prism
* Movement Resolution: 8/16 bit movement resolution
* Dimensions: 400x350x350mm
* Weight: 5.7kg
* Beam Angle: 17 degree

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