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Gensafe GF8000 8Kw Generator Hire

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Gensafe GF8000 8kW Petrol Portable Inverter Generator


  • Fuel Tank to provide increased operating time, start with a full tank before operation. Always refuel with the engine OFF and cool.
  • Air filters help to limit the amount of dirt and dust drawn into the unit during operation
  • Eco Switch used to control the speed of the engine and conserve fuel
  • The generator is equipped with two handles for easy transport. Both handles should be used to move the generator
  • The fuel gauge is a mechanical device that measures the fuel level in the tank. The red indicator in the window will reference the level in relation to full or empty
  • The ground terminal is used to assist in properly grounding the generator to help protect against electrical shock
  • LED Display provides feedback to indicate whether the generator is in use, overload, or in need of lubricant
  • Starter Grip used when the battery voltage is too low to turn the starter motor. Pulling the starter grip to manual start the generator’s engine
  • Multi-Switch used to control the fuel and choke
  • Voltage Selector switch
  • DC receptacle


  • Max Watts: 8000W
  • Ac Voltage: 230V
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Phase: Single
  • Fuel Capacity: 25L
  • Engine: SC460(459cc)
  • Engine Oil: 1.1L
  • Weight: 107kg

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