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3pin to 5pin DMX Cable 0.2mt




3-pin to 5-pin DMX Adapter 
This conversion adapter cable is designed to convert a 3pin DMX device output or cable into a 5pin configuration for use with 5pin DMX cables and equipment.


5-Pin XLR 3-Pin XLR Signal
Pin 1 Pin 1 Signal Ground
Pin 2 Pin 2 DMX Data –
Pin 3 Pin 3 DMX Data +
Pin 4 n/c Auxiliary Data –
Pin 5 n/c Auxiliary Data +

110ohm cable – Dual Shielded
Features metal XLR connectors and built from 110-ohm rated, thick 22AWG OFC copper conductors suited to carrying DMX (DMX512) digital signals. An outer BRAIDED copper shield plus inner aluminium FOIL shielding around the conductors cores ensures signal integrity and eliminates RFI and EMI interference which can result in DMX glitches.


  • Length: 20cm
  • Conductor Cores: 4x (0.15*19) – 22AWG (thick)
  • Ground Core: Braided (16*8*0.12)
  • Extra shield: Aluminium Foil
  • Outer Diameter: 7.5mm
  • Connectors: 5pin XLR(f) to 3pin XLR(m)
  • Cable Colour: Black
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