Modern Education Solutions Audio, Lighting & Vision

Modern Education Solutions Audio, Lighting & Vision

Offering Modern Educational Solutions

Beyond Sound & Lighting specialises in designing sound and lighting packages for education centres, ranging from classrooms, auditoriums, training centres, distance learning centres, sports facilities, and recreational facilities.

Known as an experienced sound and lighting system integrator, we have created tailor-made packagesfor schools, colleges, and universities. We supply, install, and program portable systems for education centres in need of an expertly designed package that fulfils their requirements and exceeds their expectations.

Equip Educational Centres with Updated Audio and Lighting Equipment

As we progress more into the technological stage, we see improvements in the audio and lighting equipment. More and more education centres are choosing to provide their students with an interactive experience through the use of speakers and PA systems, which they use with their visual video display system.

Through our audio and lighting systems, working in unison with your existing equipment, we aim to improve teaching and classroom effectiveness. In addition to this, we design personalised packages for seminars, workshops, lecture webcasting, and streaming educational classes. Our tailor-made solutions can also assist education centres prepare for events such as school plays, student body elections, dances, and more!