Bars & Clubs Lighting, Audio & Vision

Bars & Clubs Lighting, Audio & Vision

Giving Bars and Clubs the Gift of High Quality Sound

Beyond Sound & Lighting designs personalised lighting and sound packages for sports bars, nightclubs, and ultra-lounges. Our experienced and certified team will assist you in putting together a flawless sound stage and lighting system. If your renovation plans include outfitting your bar or club with a sound and lighting system that impresses the customers and entices them to hit the dance floor, we will work with you and your architect, recommending solutions and packages that suit your theme and requirements.

Design a World-Class Sound and Lighting System

Bars and clubs rely on their sound and lighting system to give patrons a good time where they dance, eat, or lay back to enjoy the tunes as they watch sports on the TV.Therefore, making music and lights one of the most important traits of bars and clubs.

Investing in a low quality sound and lighting system will not bode well with patrons, as they expect music streaming from the speakers and lights strategically placed around the room to create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. Since our expertise lies in designing packages for businesses, we can equip your bar or club with an advanced sound and lighting solution. We can design a package the includes LED lights, speaker systems, DJ equipment, PA gear, and even an effects machine.

If you run own, or manage a bar or club talk to us ….