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QSC PLD4.5 4 Channel Amp 5000w Hire

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The QSC PLD series power amps merge two essential pieces of gear into a single, lightweight unit. Not only do you get up to 5,000 watts of power spread across four channels, you also get advanced onboard DSP to shape the sound. These amps are primed to be the new centerpiece of your live sound rig.
QSC equipped the PLD amps with everything you need for the show, namely plenty of power and the ability to shape the sound to the room. This is accomplished through high-efficiency Class D amplifiers and an intricate series of DSP-powered processors. There’s an impressive amount of features packed into just two rack spaces. And best of all, QSC set the PLD series up to be extremely user friendly. Plug it in and the front panel display leads you through the rest. No hassles, just awesome sound every time.

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