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PR Lighting XRLED 300 Spot

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Maximising the output from the 150W white LED luminaire, the XRLED 300 Spot has an eight position colour wheel, seven fixed and seven rotating gobos, and a 2:1 zoom range. For the budget minded school or club, this 17.5kg fixture will not disappoint, as at this price point there is no competition. The XRLED 300 Spot is also fully equipped with wireless DMX, a full iris, and a 3-facet prism.

Feature List

Power consumption: [email protected]
One 150-Watt white LED
1 color wheel with 8 colors + open
7 fixed gobos+ 7 rotating gobos
Beam angle: 14°~30°
One 3-facet prism
Iris: 5°~100° linearly adjustable with macro
Focus: DMX controlled focus
Dimmer: 0-100% linearly adjustable
Strobe: electronic strobe 0.3~20F.P.S
Zoom: motorized zooming linearly adjustable
14 channels in short mode, 19 channels in standard mode and 23
channels in ext ended mode
Head movement: Pan 540° or endless and Tilt 270° with auto
position correction
Others: preset memory, user memories, wireless DMX
Net weight: only 17.5 Kg

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