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PR Lighting XLED 1037 Wash



The XLED 1037 Wash brings you everything you demand from a professional LED wash light into a compact, lightweight, high light output package. Delivering so much in such a small package, it is little wonder that the XLED 1037 Wash is a stable of rental production clients worldwide. The XLED 1037 Wash is packed with thirty-seven 10W Quad-Chip (RGBW) LEDs, delivering up to 8785 Lux at a 10 metre throw. Combine this with a 13 – 52 degree zoom range and fully segmented control options mean this is an ideal wash light workhorse, with on board wireless DMX. The 1037 Wash also has a high quality, low cost factory specified dual flight case option available.

Feature List

Multi-chip LEDs 37 x 10W (RGBW 4-in-1)
RGBW linear colour mixing with macro
Colour temperature linear correction from 2700K to 100000K
Beam angle: 13° – 52°; Light spot angle: 27° – 70°
Dimming 0-100% linearly adjustable
Electronic strobe 0 – 25 F.P.S
Motorized zooming linearly adjustable
Effect: pulse strobe, rainbow, and animation
17 channels in standard mode and 26 channels in extended mode
Head movement: Pan 540° and tilt 270° with auto-position correction
Present memory, user memories, wireless DMX and RDM
Net weight: 12.85kg

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