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Light Emotion Z30 Bubble Machine Hire

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Light Emotion Medium Bubble Machine
Medium Bubble Machine
The Z30 is a monster bubble maker – pumping out around 3000 bubbles per minute.

The unit’s built-in high-powered fans blow the bubbles up to 10 metres, making this unit really suited for outdoor use or in any good sized venue. It’s also highly recommended for installation or hire for that big event on your calendar. The Z30’s 3-litre tank, and its large output make it suited for parades and festivals as well. The unit comes with a remote control that works as a timer, fan operator, and volume controller.

Note: Requires Bubble Fluid to operate

> Power Consumption: 40w
> Tank Capacity: 3L
> Fluid Consumption: 1.2L/hr
> Dimensions / Weight: 370x280x200mm / 8.5Kg

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