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The Eclipse Club-Pro 2W is a professional pure diode laser designed to make your indoor venues and events outstanding without need to break the bank and for an easy integration into existing lighting systems using DMX control.

The pure diode technology allows for seamless analog colour mixing and a far more vibrant colour than a ‘standard’ laser diode, the maximum rated total output is 2000mW.

The Club Pro also features high speed 40kpps gavo scanners, sealed case preventing harmful particle build-up, and integrated control system with Ethernet hub. This allows for easy connection and control from computer, and connecting additional laser projectors simple and fast.

  • Full Colour, Pure Diode laser system
  • 2000mW maximum output power
  • On-board control system
  • DMX, SD Card, and standard ILDA control
  • Fitted with interlock port for laser saftey control
  • Sealed metal housing
  • Fitted with 40Kpps Gavo Scanners
  • Includes ATA flight case with optional caster wheels inside



Type: full colour, pure diode, laser system
Laser Class: 4A
Maximum optical output: 2000mW
RGB Module: Red: 637Nm
Green: 532Nm
Blue: 447Nm
Suitable for: indoor events
System Control: Ethernet (cat5), DMX, ILDA, SD card (auto)
Laser Dimensions: 320 x 275 x 250mm
Weight: 10 kg
Includes: Club-Pro 2W laser projector, flight case, power-con cable, user guide, SD Card (pre-loaded with Scenes), Software CD, Ethernet cable, Interlock plug, safety key
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