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DIGIT3K6 SYNQ Light Weight Amplifier Hire

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SYNQ Light weight amplifier Class D 1RU 2 x 1800Wrms @ 4Ω

A real breakthrough in professional amplifier technology: Synq introduces a new range of CLASS-D AMPLIFIERS with exceptional power and competitive pricing!
The extremely high efficiency, reduced power waste and very low heat dissipation are the main advantages of these PWM-amplifiers!
Incredible space savings for mobile applications: enclosure only 1unit high!
Incredible low weight: only 5,6kg!
Extremely high power output: 2x 1800Wrms @ 4Ω!
Output in bridge mode: 3600Wrms @ 8Ω
All the protections you can think of for professional use:
Signal + current limiters
Overload protection
Short circuit current protection
DC protection
Thermal protection
AC, VHF protection
Soft start
Very powerful bass response, also perfect for subwoofers!
Switchable 30Hz HPF (high pass filter) eliminates unwanted, power consuming, subsonic frequencies.
3 different working modes: stereo, bridge mode, mono mode (inputs linked)
Balanced in/outputs on XLR + 6.3mm jack
2 Speakon connectors (left and right outputs)
1 separate output for bridge mode

* Power stereo 4 ohn(1kHz, THD+N<0.1%): 2X1800Wrms * power efficiency: >90%
* Freq. Resp: 5-36.000Hz
* Input sensitivity: 26dB/32dB/1.4V
* Input impedance unbalanced: 10kohm
* input impedance balanced: 20kohm
* S/R ratio: >100dB
* Damping factor: 280
* Slew rate: 29V/uS
* cooling: variable speed fan
* signal inputs: Balanced XLR
* signal outputs: Balanced XLR
* Power: AC230V/50Hz
* Power Consumption: 3900w
* Dimensions: 482 x 44 x 301
* Weight: 5.6KG

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