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Chauvet Professional Rogue R3 Wash

The Chauvet Professional Rogue R3 Wash is the latest version of the popular Rogue LED moving head wash fixtures. The ideal moving wash workhorse for rental and production inventories! Durable and dependable, it outputs a bright, evenly dispersed light and offers nine zones of LED control to pixel map its 37 (15 W) RGBW quad-LEDs. Backed up by a quick moving motorized zoom with a range of 12° – 49°. Allowing you to spread the beam to cover even the largest areas. Smooth color mixing, simple and complex DMX channel profiles, plus powerCON in and out round out the excellent features of this outstanding moving wash. A must have for any serious stage show or production.

  • Fully featured RGBW LED yoke wash fixture with LED zone control and zoom
  • 16-bit Dimming of master dimmer as well as individual colors for smooth control of fades
  • 37 RGBW LEDs, 15 W each
  • 9 zones of LED control for pixel mapping effects
  • Unique lens design offers excellent color mixing
  • 6 distinct dimming modes for different dimming needs
  • Easy to read OLED display with simple, effective menu options
  • Simple and complex DMX channel profiles for programming versatility
  • RDM (Remote Device Management) for added programming flexibility


DMX Channels: 21, 58, 99

Data Connectors: 3- and 5-pin XLR

Light Source: 37 LEDs (quad-color RGBW) 15 W, (1 A), 50,000 hours life expectancy

Pan and Tilt: 540°/230°

Pan and Tilt Ranges: 180°, 360°, 540° pan/90°, 180°, 230° tilt

Automatic Pan/Tilt Correction: Yes

Dimmer: Electronic

Zoom: Motorized

Shutter/Strobe: Electronic

Strobe Rate: 0 to 20 Hz

PWM Frequency: 2,400 Hz

Beam Angle: 8° to 30°

Field Angle: 12° to 49°

Zoom Angle: 12° to 49°

Illuminance (total): 21,000 lux @ 5 m (at 12°)

Color Temperature Rage: 2,800 to 10,000 K

IP Rating: IP20, dry location

Power Connection: Edison plug to Neutrik® powerCON®

Power Input: Neutrik® powerCON®

Power Output: Neutrik® powerCON®

Power Linking: 4 units @ 230 V

Input Voltage: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (auto-ranging)

Power and Current: 704 W, 3.10 A @ 230 V, 50 Hz

Weight (single unit): 17.46 kg

Dimensions (single unit): 394 x 298 x 470 mm

Approvals: CE, MET

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