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ARC RME Audio Interface Controller

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This wired Advanced Remote Control (ARC) has been designed for direct access to the most frequently used actions and commands required in a studio’s daily work. Its extremely flexible configuration through TotalMix FX will simplify the workflow and greatly increase the usability of the RME interface in any real world situation.

The ARC consists of a solid metal case with a main encoder dial, 2 push buttons and 6 LED-equipped buttons. The Remote Control connects to the main interface via a 5 m (16.4 ft.) cable and a special connector on the back of both units.

Main Features

  • Volume control of the main output and both headphone outputs (switchable)
  • DIM (user adjustable value)
  • Recall and store of a reference level for the main outputs (user adjustable value)
  • 7 Assignable Control switches
Product Specification

Compatible with;

  • Fireface 802
  • Fireface UFX*
  • Fireface UCX
  • MADIface XT


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